Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Abuse By Tulupi Gondwe

This is one of the poems written during our Create Your Voice Camp in March.  

Tulupi on top of Lunjika Mountain

-Tulupi Gondwe

What is abuse?

Mama Africa
Papa Africa

what is this crying am I hearing?
the cries of the children,
the cries of our women,
is this abuse?

Is this still happening in our communities?

Papa Africa,
every morning instead of going to work
you go to drink beer
and when you come back
you beat your wives.

what is this crying am I hearing?

Mama Africa,
what is this cries of our children am I hearing?
you want them to be educated
but instead of them going to school
you send them to go and sell mandazi in the market

Mama Africa,
Papa Africa,
this is abuse!

if you want our land to be in peace you stop this abuse!

lets stop abuse!!

*Mandazi--is a local sweet, fried bread.  Almost like a doughnut.  

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  1. Great poem! And mandazi is good to eat. But go to school! :)